An Unscheduled Stop!

New Jersey

October 21 and 22 NJMSP, Thunderbolt track

Six S2’s showed up for the SCCA, Jersey Road Racing Classic ( The Jerk!) at Thunderbolt.
Plenty of track time with a test day on Friday 10/20. We had three sessions on Saturday and a
feature race on Sunday.

The South Jersey Region of the SCCA was happy to have us, ran a good show, and even gave
Burns Moore all of his money back when his P2 had motor problems after he ran Friday’s first
test session ( could you see SVRA doing that?)
The weather was great and the event was enhanced when the South Jersey Region combined two
sedan groups into one, giving everyone extend time in each session.

Check out all the photos here

The feature race was won by:

  • Brent Gernert in S2
  • Jim Hanna in VS2
  • Rob Dusek in HS2

  • Road America, 40th Anniversary

    Road America

    Storied Road America, 40th anniversary of Sports 2000, 52 S2’s entered, beautiful facility, great people, good food, and it only rained one afternoon. What more could you want? Personally I’d like the track to be closer to my home so I could run it more.

    Well, We could have used a little less enthusiasm at the start of the qualifying race. Turn one
    saw a number of cars off, with one pointed in the wrong direction. As the field moved on, it
    spread out over the 4 mile track. The racing became more reasonable until an over zealous driver
    spun and came back on to soon taking out Steve Groh’s beautiful 83 Tiga, ending Steve’s

    Our feature race saw a clean start but only lasted 4 laps when a Carbir lost it big time in Canada
    corner creating a black flag / checker, ending the race. The top ten cars were all from Wisconsin,
    or a state away, except for Brent Gernert from PA ( fifth ) and Mark Brannon from AZ ( eighth )

    Check out all the photos here

    Here are the top three in each of WeatherTech’s classes:


  • 1st: Fritz Seidel
  • 2nd: Joey Selmants
  • 3rd: John Fergus


  • 1st: Tim Sands
  • 2nd: Craig Faust
  • 3rd: Willis Woerhelde


  • 1st: John Boxhorn
  • 2nd: Tom LaCosta
  • 3rd: Robert Dusek

    Here are the top three in each of VS2na’s classes:

  • 1st: Fritz Seidel
  • 2nd: Joey Selmants
  • 3rd: John Fergus

  • 1st: Jim Hanna
  • 2nd: Jack Freehoff
  • 3rd: Bryan Gernert

  • 1st: John Boxhorn
  • 2nd: Tom LaCosta
  • 3rd: Rob Duseck

  • SRVA Mid-Ohio Report


    SVRA Mid Ohio June 22-25, 2017


    A little of this, a little of that.

    Thursday’s test day was hot and humid, Friday was a wash out, except for the great VS2 Social created by Henry Payne and held in Jim Kelly’s Speed Unlimited paddock.

    The weekend weather turned beautiful and on the track we had a little of everything, a couple of rolling chicanes here, a V8 brick or two with no discernible mirrors ( Group 5 cars )

    But the best thing was the S2000 races. Everyone played nice but gave no quarter. Both Saturday and Sunday had close racing at the front, and all through the pack.
    Brent Gernert qualified on the pole and had a fast clean race with Mark Coombs, who finished first on Saturday.

    Sunday saw Gernert, Coombs, Sherwood, and Henry Payne IV vying for the lead when they came upon a Group 5 car. As they came upon the slower car, Gernert got two wheels off and spun. Coombs went on to another well deserved win.

    Check out all the photos here

    Results for Saturday

  • 1st: Mark Coombs
  • 2nd: Brent Gernert
  • 3rd: Robert Sherwood


  • 1st: Jim Hanna
  • 2nd: Hale


  • 1st: Tom Kane
  • 2nd: Steve Groh
  • 3rd: Robert Dusek

    Results for Sunday

  • 1st: Mark Coombs
  • 2nd: Robert Sherwood
  • 3rd: Henry Payne IV

  • 1st: Hale
  • 2nd: Jim Hanna

  • 1st: Tom Kane
  • 2nd: Robert Dusek
  • Steve Groh

  • VRG, May 18th – 21st

    Summit Point

    VRG Summit Point, May 2017


    The Jefferson 500 at Summit Point was run in its usual first rate manner by the VRG. Ben Sinnott goes faster every year, but Brent Gernert is determined to catch up. They finished #1 and #2 on Saturday and Sunday.

    Rodney Kendall’s car looked and ran better than ever after recovering from last years “mishap” at VIR. Simon Green was slowed by a misbehaving motor, and Bryan Gernert was fast after missing practice and qualifying.

    The only incident of the weekend was when David Hughes lost a wheel in practice. Otherwise the racing was clean and everyone loaded their cars intact for the ride home.

    Results for Saturday

  • 1st: Ben Sinnott
  • 2nd: Brent Gernert
  • 3rd: Rodney Kendall


  • 1st: Larry Rossi
  • 2nd: Bryan Gernet
  • 3rd: Simon Green


  • 1st: Tom LaCosta
  • 2nd: David Hughes
  • 3rd: Robert Dusek

    Results for Sunday

  • 1st: Ben Sinnott
  • 2nd: Brent Gernert
  • 3rd: Rodney Kendall

  • 1st: Bryan Gernet
  • 2nd: Jim Hanna
  • 3rd: Philip Meany

  • 1st: Peter Krause
  • 2nd: David Hughes

    Prize Drawing Winners

    Two Hoosier Tires – Peter Krause
    Two Hoosier Tires – David Hughes
    Fast Foward – Simon Green
    Taylor – Larry Rossi
    Motor Sports Composites – Philip Meany
    Tilton – Rodney Kendall
    Quicksilver – Ben Sinnott
    Pegasus – John Galson
    Racer Wholesale – Dave Calafato

  • Wild Hare 2017

    This year’s VDCA Wild Hare was a great event, blessed with dry weather. Friday was breezy (20+ mph winds), but, a great day to get rid of the winter cobwebs. Saturday had everyone getting into the groove. The Saturday feature race had Ben Sinnott setting pace (1:57.9) of the weekend and leading flag to flag followed by Henry Payne IV and Jeff Wright. Next came Peter Krause who had a race long dice with Jeff Wright. A small pack of a Chevron, Tom Kane and Sam Payne spent most of race chasing the Chevron (until Sam was spun off by the Chevron). The remaining finishing order was Nate Scigliano, Tom LaCosta, Jim Lenehan, Robert Dusek and Henry Payne. Henry Payne and Greg Miller had mechanical issues mid-race both completing half distance. A special welcome back to S2 racing by Robert Dusek, who also brings a much needed HS2 to the field. Also, Nate Scigliano returned with his expertly resurrected (it is nearly Easter) Carbir to competition.

    The club party was held at Apex Vintage’s pit and well attended. All enjoyed the warm weather and hospitality. Thank you to the Kane family for organizing the event.

    Sunday dawned with even warmer weather. The Sunday’s enduro podium was an all S2 affair composed of Ben Sinnott, Henry Payne and Sam Payne. The winner would likely have been Henry Payne IV, but, he was having so much fun, he skipped the pit stop and was docked 2 laps and finished 4th.

    The Sunday “S2 only” started the whole field of 12 S2’s (we all made it to Sunday). The race was shortened slightly when Nate decided to set a small grass fire out near Oak Tree (hot car, dry grass), once resumed Ben Sinnott gradually pulled out a second a lap lead on Henry Payne IV who managed to get within 0.129 seconds of Ben’s fastest lap. Henry Payne was close on the heels of Henry IV at the flag (1.45 secs) with Peter Krause nearly nipping Henry at the end (0.4 secs). Next came Sam Payne who chased down Tom Kane on the penultimate lap followed by Jim Lenehan, Tom LaCosta, Greg Miller and Robert Dusek. The podiums by class were; S2 – Sinnott, H. Payne IV, H. Payne, HS2 – Krause, Kane, Dusek and VS2 – Lenehan, Miller.

    I should add here that all the S2’s displayed perfect behavior all weekend (we need to show our report card to SVRA, I guess).

    VS2NA 2016 Champions

    Congratulations to our top performing drivers for the 2016 season. It was a difficult season for certain, but several drivers stood above the rest to take the most points throughout the year.

    Tom Kane for HS2 finished in 1st place with 84 points.

    Simon Green took VS2 finishing in 1st place with 100 points.

    The S2 Roster was a bit more crowded. However, Mark Coombs edged out 1st Place with 92 points. Followed by Henry Payne IV in 2nd with 88 points and an extremely close 3rd by Ben Sinnott with 87 points.

    Hope to see everyone for 2017.

    Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. September 2016

    Watkins Glen

    Watkins Glen 2016


    The Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen had good weather, over twenty S2000’s entered, and more eye
    popping vintage cars than you could count.

    Saturday evening the VS2 social gathering was a hit. With sponsor banners flying, plenty of snacks,
    and beverages of every sort flowing, the banter between the competitors was fun. When Jim Hanna
    started to hand out the prizes it was hard to get everyone to quiet down.

    Jim managed to award eight cases of oil, 8 new Hoosiers, 4 new Avons, along with gift certificates from
    Pegasus, Racerparswhosale, Motorsports Composites, Taylor, Quicksilver, and Tilton.
    The VS2 cars were run as part of SVRA’s combined group 7 and group 5. Both the test day and practice
    went well with no incidents.

    The first qualifying session saw Brent Gernert’s DB5 second over all at 1:59.365 and first in S2. The
    second qualifying session ended with Fritz Seidel third over all and first in S2 with a 1:57.089.

    Saturday’s race was cut short when a BSR flipped causing a red flag, ending the race on the second lap.

    Our Sunday feature, strictly for S2000’s, was delayed due to cleaning up after the previous race. Even
    with that, we were scheduled for our full 14 minutes, plus one lap race. The start saw Ben Sinnott out
    front followed by Brent Gernert. After Fred Knoll unfortunately met the turn 11 wall, there were two full
    course caution laps. The final three laps saw Ben Sinnott win by 1.9 seconds over Rob Sherwood,
    followed closely by Mark Coombs.

    Simon Green came home the VS2 winner, followed by Larry Rossi in a rented Swift DB2.
    HS2 was won by Tom Kane.

    Sports 2000

    Exciting Class of Vintage Race Cars Offers Thrills and Competitive Racing

    – Story by John Kramer
    – photos courtesy of John Kramer

       Sports 2000 class race cars are exhilarating to drive and offer close, competitive racing that is accessible to amateur racers. The class started in the 2970’s and was designed to emphasize driver skill and training in a cost conscious package. These factors, together with strong advocacy for the class by Vintage Sports 2000 North America, make Sports 2000 one of the most exciting classes in vintage racing.

    A Brief History
       Sports 2000 (or S2) was created in 1976 by Brands Hatch circuit owner John Webb. Webb created the class to address the shrinking grids of two liter, two seat FIA Group 6 cars following the skyrocketing fuel costs and related economic challenges after the oil embargoes. He designed the S2s to be similar to the Lolas and Chevrons that were the mainstays of Group 6, but substituted the much more economical German Ford 2-liter SOHC engine for the exotic Group 6 Cosworth engine. S2 had tightly designed rules to control costs, and those original requirements largely remain in place today. S2’s rules are now maintained by Vintage Sports 2000 North America (VS2NA) and the VS2NA board does not anticipate making any rules changes in the foreseeable future and any material changes much also be approved by VS2NA’s membership. You can find S2’s rules by clicking The Cars and then Rules and Regulations at

       S2 came to the United States in 1978 when Carl Haas imported five Lola T-492s for a group of Sports Car Club of America racers in the Midwest. S2 was well established by 1980 with fierce competition among up-and-coming racers, some of whom went on to successful professional caeers. In the late 1980’s and early 1990s S2 became the platform for two professional race series in North America. The American Cities Racing League was modeled on stick and ball sports and featured a championship for driver teams representing west coast cities. The North American Pro Series supported IMSA events and was renamed the Oldsmobile Pro Series in the 1990s when Oldsmobile used S2 to promote its new Quad Four engine that was used in the top class in the Pro Series.

       Today, S2 is very popular in vintage racing and can comprise 10 percent or more of the race entry at certain events. especially the race weekends on VS2NA’s schedule. S2 also has a strong following internationally especially in the UK. Many manufacturers built a variety of S2 models over the years, including Carbir, Chevron, Lola, March, Pratt & Miller, Reynard, Royale, Shannon, Shrike, Swift, Tiga, and Van Diemen.

    S2 Performance
       S2s emphasize handling and braking over power. S2s are capable of cornering and braking loads near 2gs and often turn some of the quicker lap times at vintage race events because of their handling ability. S2’s use a low center of gravity, light weight, slicks and efficient aerodynamics to generate great lap times. The minimum S2 weight with driver is 1,310 or 1,335 pounds depending on its engine specification. A Well tuned engine with the newer and higher specification camp shows approximately 150 hp on a dyno, and most S2 engines have the new cam. S2 top speeds at tracks with longer straights are in the mid 130 mph range. A quick S2 lap time results from good driving technique and maintaining momentum through corners. S2 is very much a driver’s class.

       S2 racers have a wide range of experience and the deep grids usually ensure that people have someone else to race with. Here again, race results tell the story and it is common to see cars with tightly grouped qualifying and fastest race lap times all through the race group. This close racing requires everyone to remember why we do this and to keep our competitive instincts in check, and VS2NA works with the sanctioning groups to enforce their racing rules and general racing etiquette. As with all vintage racing, it is critical that we emphasize and promote safety.

       Speaking of safety, an S2’s aluminum tub (some early models use tube frames) and its closed wheel bodywork provide good driver protection. S2s are very roomy compared to most open wheel cars and they are much easier to service than production based cars because their body panels are easier to remove.

    S2 Classes
       S2 has three sub classes that recognize the incremental performance gains realized by the chassis manufacturers over the years and, more importantly, rewards racers of the earliest S2s. The three classes from oldest to newest, are Historic Sports 2000, Vintage Sports 2000 and Sports 2000. The S2’s class rules are also located at the rules and regulations link listed above.

       It is important to know that older model S2s remain very competitive in the right hands and that the performance improvements over time were only incremental. For example, if you check S2 race results you will often see HS2 class Tigas or VS2 class Swift DB2s ahead of the newer class Lolas and Carbirs, and racers of older cars can absolutely win S2 races outright. The point is, don’t get so bogged down in focusing on classes and models that you don’t ever get started and miss all the fun.

       S2s in good condition with reasonable spares packages can be purchased for between $20,000 and $40,000. As with any race car, the actual costs obviously depend on the particular model, its condition and its history. The most es pensive S2s are often the last iteration Lolas because of their level of development and the Lola brand, but, as previously noted, you don’t need a Lola to go fast, be competitive and have fun. S2 motors are low tech and durable and can go many race weekends between rebuilds. Many S2 racers do their own maintenance and track support. S2s use the tried and true Hewland MK 9 gearbox. Slicks from Avon, Hoosier, or Goodyear cost about $900 a set and, depending on how competitive you want to be, can last up to several race weekends. The cost consciousness that led to S2 in the first place is still and advantage today.

       VS2NA is a volunteer managed advocacy group for S2 racers. VS2NA is not a sanctioning group, but works with sanctioning organizations like SVRA, VDCA, and VRG to arrange extra benefits for S2 racers at their events, VS2NA selects approximately 6 race weekends each summer at tracks east of the Mississippi and arranges parties at the events and, whenever possible S2 dedicated race groups and favorable time slots on the sanctioning group’s race weekend calendar. This year’s VS2NA calendar can be found by clicking Schedule at Please note that lal of the SVRA events on VS2NA’s schedule except for Watkins Glen in July will feature S2 only races, and the season ending events at VIR will include VS2NA’s annual awards banquet. Finally, VS2NA’s board member Denny Gernert has obtained and incredible level of sponsorship for VS2NA’s members. VS2NA awards thousands of dollars of racing related prizes at each of it’s events to VS2NA members who participate in the race weekend with their S2. Thank you, Denny. Please join VS2NA if you own an S2 or are interested in learning more. You can find VS2NA’s membership form by clicking Membership Renewal on the VS2NA’s site.

    More Information
       You can find more information about S2 at and at The Cars and Parts For Sale section on the yuku site is the most active source of S2s for sale. As previously noted, many constructors manufactured S2s over the years, which can create confusion, but there are many resources to help answer your questions about this and other topics. All of the VS2NA directors would be happy to answer your questions or refer you to others for help; you can find our contact information on the VS2NA site.

    Mid Ohio – June 2015


    SVRA MidOhio 2015


    Well, as is often the case, the big story at MidOhio last weekend was ‘rain’ – the locals refer to the place as “MudOhio.” But, the Sports 2000 class lucked out; we had a ton of rain in the evenings, and most mornings, but only the Thursday test day and the second qualifying session (Sat. morning) were too wet for most of our drivers to venture out. We had 29 official S2000 entries, and a brand new, beautiful Tiga SC86 with too many carburetors (BSR), come out to run. Most everyone had qualified on Friday afternoon after one Friday morning practice session.

    Speaking of qualifying, local hot shoe Joey Selmants (Swift) led all qualifiers on Friday with a fastest-time-of-the-weekend of 1:29.839 to grab the pole Second fastest Ben Sinnott (Lola) was less than a second behind, at 1:30.259. Chris Livengood, who was driving Nate’s new Carbir, was third quickest at 1:30.821 – top three qualifiers were within a second of each other! Close behehind was Mark Coombs (Lola) with a 1:31.468 and Tony Sleath (Carbir) turned a 1:31.562. Friday’s qualifying session was the fastest session of the weekend for most of our competitors. Vince LaManna (Tiga) was quickest VS2 runner at 1:33.975, and Glenn Grainger (Tiga) led HS2 at 1:42.675. A total of 26 cars took to the track for Friday qualifying!

    On Saturday morning, the rain continued and only a couple of brave (crazy?) souls took to a very wet track. However, the skies cleared, the breeze blew, and we were ready for Race #1 on Saturday afternoon. Ben had a moment in the keyhole just after the green flag flew, and brought his car and Tony Sleath’s car back to the paddock, leaving Joey and Chris to battle it out – Chris got to the checker at .442 seconds ahead of Joey, with Rob Sherwood (Carbir), Chip Vance (Lola) and Mark Coombs rounding out the top five finishers. Vince LaManna, Jim Lenehan (Swift) and Jim Hanna (Tiga) took the first three VS2 spots, with Glenn first in HS2. Group 7a had 25 starters for Race #1!

    We had our customary Saturday Happy Hour under Sasco’s tent (thanks to Robin and Dave!) with two pairs of Hoosiers drawn for along with seven or eight other great gifts. We got to meet many mid-west and far-west(!) Sports 2000 bretheren – lots of long-time SCCA’ers are bringing them out, and one’s more beautiful than the other!

    The rain which had begun during Happy Hour lasted until Sunday noon, but, once again, the skies broke and the breeze came up and we had 19 cars stay for Race #2 on Sunday at 4:00! This time, Chris had a mechanical issue and Joey won decisively over Mark Coombs, with Rob Sherwood coming home in third place. Once again, Vince was first VS2 finisher, with David Hale and Jim Hanna completing the podium. Glenn Grainger brought his Tiga home as first HS2 runner.

    What a pleasure to run with so many cars at such an awesome facility! The MidOhio June event always brings out a strong S2000 field, and it’s growing all the time! One of these years, we’ll have a sunny weekend, but the rain didn’t dampen a terrific MidOhio weekend. The SVRA did a stunning job of keeping the schedule tight, given the challenge of seemingly unending rain – many congratulations to the Staff!

    Be sure to put this event on your schedule next year – if you haven’t run it, you need to!

    The Super Event of 2015

    All Sports 2000 Racers and VS2 N.A. Members!


    The weather forecast for “The Super Event of 2015” at Virginia International Raceway on September 24 to 27 is sunny and warm. Vintage Sports 2000 N.A. invites all members and guests to our feature event for 2015.

    It is time to start planning for our feature event for 2015. As you all know in prior years we have had our feature event at “The Fun One” at Watkins Glen. Due to the fact that they will be repaving the track this year that event will not happen. Therefore, we have moved our feature event to VIR raceway September 24 to 27. This is going to surpass anything that the club has put on to date. We are planning what will come to be known as: “The Super Event of 2015” We will keep you posted as the planning progresses. As in the past we will be giving away many products and services from our sponsors. I have not added up the dollar value but it will be approximately $5000 plus given away. We had 35 Sports 2000 entries at ” The Fun One” last year, I believe that we can hit 40 to 50 entries for “The Super Event of 2015” We will have our own feature race and a catered dinner for all of the Sports 2000 drivers and crew. In order to plan for this we are compiling a list of all members that plan to attend. Please respond to this email with a yes response. If you have any friends that have a Sports 2000 and are not members please invite them to attend. Last year we had some of our members come from California and Texas. We hope to draw them and some of their west coast buddies to VIR this year. Being that VIR is easier to get to than Watkins Glen we are expecting that many of our southern members will attend.

    “The Super Event of 2015”

    Where?  Virginia International Raceway
    When? September 24 to 27
    Why? Because you do not want to miss this one.

    This will be one of the largest gathering of Sports 2000’s

    If you plan to be there, please send a yes response to Denny Gernert. If you know of anyone else that would like to enter this Super Event please supply a name and contact information in your response.

    Thanks: VS2 N.A. Board of Directors
    Tell every Sports 2000 racer to join us for ” The Super Event of 2015″
    If you have any questions or need additional information please call
    one of the following board members.
    Denny Gernert 610-613-6700
    Jim Hanna 610-308-5977
    David Calafato 732-449-3800