Thanks for your commitment and support!

2017! What a Great Year for Vintage Sports 2000 N.A.

Just a quick thank you to all of our sponsors for their contribution to another great year for Vintage Sports 2000 North America.

The club continues to grow as more racers become interested in racing Sports 2000. A true testament to this was the 40th anniversary event at Road America in July where 52 Sports 2000 cars, drivers, and crews show up for a great weekend.

The racing, and fun at our Saturday night socials has produced an atmosphere that is hard to find with any other race group. All the our members have expressed their appreciation and said they are committed to using your products and services.

That being said it is important to realize that your continued support and commitment to VS2 N.A. has helped produce the excitement at our events. With your support our club continues to grow and expand.

The attendance level for this year was between 20 to 30 cars at each event. We are planning to participate in 8 to10 races in 2018. I will send out the schedule to you as soon as it is finalized.

In addition to our usual events we are looking to include Road Atlanta and Motorsport this coming year. I will reach out to all of you in the next few weeks to discuss 2018 and how we can continue to earn your support and commitment to Vintage Sports 2000 North America.

Again, the members, crews, and Board of Directors thank you for your commitment and support of our grass roots club racing.

Denny Gernert Vintage Sports 2000 Board of Directors/ Sponsor Chair.

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