VIR Prize Winners

Paid club members who attended the Wild Hare run at Virginia International Raceway the past weekend had a chance to enter our raffle drawing for various prizes donated by our generous sponsors. As always, all paid members are eligible to enter. Here is a quick rundown of the winners from 2017’s VIR drawing. Congratulations!

Rear Hooser Tires
Henry VI Payne
Front Hooser Tires
Robert Dusek
Pegasus Certificate
Peter Krause
Taylor Racing Certificate
Nate Scigliano
Fast Forward Certificate
Jim Lenehan
PRW Certificate
Sam Payne
Motorsports Composite
Greg Miller
Tom Kane

Wild Hare 2017

This year’s VDCA Wild Hare was a great event, blessed with dry weather. Friday was breezy (20+ mph winds), but, a great day to get rid of the winter cobwebs. Saturday had everyone getting into the groove. The Saturday feature race had Ben Sinnott setting pace (1:57.9) of the weekend and leading flag to flag followed by Henry Payne IV and Jeff Wright. Next came Peter Krause who had a race long dice with Jeff Wright. A small pack of a Chevron, Tom Kane and Sam Payne spent most of race chasing the Chevron (until Sam was spun off by the Chevron). The remaining finishing order was Nate Scigliano, Tom LaCosta, Jim Lenehan, Robert Dusek and Henry Payne. Henry Payne and Greg Miller had mechanical issues mid-race both completing half distance. A special welcome back to S2 racing by Robert Dusek, who also brings a much needed HS2 to the field. Also, Nate Scigliano returned with his expertly resurrected (it is nearly Easter) Carbir to competition.

The club party was held at Apex Vintage’s pit and well attended. All enjoyed the warm weather and hospitality. Thank you to the Kane family for organizing the event.

Sunday dawned with even warmer weather. The Sunday’s enduro podium was an all S2 affair composed of Ben Sinnott, Henry Payne and Sam Payne. The winner would likely have been Henry Payne IV, but, he was having so much fun, he skipped the pit stop and was docked 2 laps and finished 4th.

The Sunday “S2 only” started the whole field of 12 S2’s (we all made it to Sunday). The race was shortened slightly when Nate decided to set a small grass fire out near Oak Tree (hot car, dry grass), once resumed Ben Sinnott gradually pulled out a second a lap lead on Henry Payne IV who managed to get within 0.129 seconds of Ben’s fastest lap. Henry Payne was close on the heels of Henry IV at the flag (1.45 secs) with Peter Krause nearly nipping Henry at the end (0.4 secs). Next came Sam Payne who chased down Tom Kane on the penultimate lap followed by Jim Lenehan, Tom LaCosta, Greg Miller and Robert Dusek. The podiums by class were; S2 – Sinnott, H. Payne IV, H. Payne, HS2 – Krause, Kane, Dusek and VS2 – Lenehan, Miller.

I should add here that all the S2’s displayed perfect behavior all weekend (we need to show our report card to SVRA, I guess).