Tentative Schedule and Race Etiquette

Fellow racers, Let’s have fun and be safe!

   The tentative test day schedule and race
schedule has been posted on the SVRA
Thanks to Tony, we have our
own practice, qualifying and races. Just
us on the track. We need to get our entire
in now.

   So here is the rules we are going to
play by;

   If anyone has contact that is due to
over aggressive driving or lack of
proper race etiquette, penalties will
be handed out. Again we are not
racing for the National Championship
and I have not heard of anyone getting
a check at the end of the weekend for
their finishing position.

   I feel like I am pushing everyone on this
topic; however, this is a fun and serious
sport. Safety and the safety and well
being of ourselves and our fellow friends
and racers is paramount.

   Thank you for listening and thank you for your
support of Vintage Sports 2000 North America.