Vintage Sports 2000 Breaking News

To All Sports 2000 Racers,

After hearing from many unhappy VS2 racers at this years Mid Ohio
event, several things have transpired.
Dave Calafato and John Kramer have worked with SVRA’s owner, Tony
Parella regarding our concerns. As many of you know, SVRA did not
give us our own race group and cut our feature race short. To alleviate
any concerns regarding how much SVRA values our participation, Tony
has offered to give anyone who paid for a test day at Mid Ohio, a free
test day at VIR.
It it important for the club members to enter the Glen and VIR as
early as possible. SVRA makes their schedules based upon the number
of entries. The sooner we enter, the more likely our feature race will not
be the last race on Sunday.
In addition to Tony’s offer, VS2 N.A. will be giving out gas credit cards
to each member/entrant at both the Glen and VIR. The club will also be
giving away pairs of Hoosier’s and Avon’s . These are in addition to the
pairs provided by Hoosier and Dave Handy from Sasco Motorsports.
This means eight entrants will go home with two new slicks at each event.
We also will have drawings for approximately $5000 worth of sponsors
products and services.
VS2 would like to take this opportunity to clarify the clubs position on the
drawings for our sponsors products and services. To be legible for these
products your car must carry our sponsors decals. We will have decal
packages available at the track. Please see one of the board members
listed below for your decal package. We are expecting a great turn out
at both events. As of now we are on track to hit 25 to 30 cars at the Glen,
and 35 to 45 cars at VIR.. We hope you have both of these great events
on you calendar.


”Because there is no better place to be than racing with Vintage Sports 2000 North America”

Denny Gernert
Dave Calafato
Jim Hanna
Simon Green

Thank you for you continued support of VS2 N.A.
Vintage Sports 2000 N.A. Board of Directors