Mid Ohio – June 2015


SVRA MidOhio 2015


Well, as is often the case, the big story at MidOhio last weekend was ‘rain’ – the locals refer to the place as “MudOhio.” But, the Sports 2000 class lucked out; we had a ton of rain in the evenings, and most mornings, but only the Thursday test day and the second qualifying session (Sat. morning) were too wet for most of our drivers to venture out. We had 29 official S2000 entries, and a brand new, beautiful Tiga SC86 with too many carburetors (BSR), come out to run. Most everyone had qualified on Friday afternoon after one Friday morning practice session.

Speaking of qualifying, local hot shoe Joey Selmants (Swift) led all qualifiers on Friday with a fastest-time-of-the-weekend of 1:29.839 to grab the pole Second fastest Ben Sinnott (Lola) was less than a second behind, at 1:30.259. Chris Livengood, who was driving Nate’s new Carbir, was third quickest at 1:30.821 – top three qualifiers were within a second of each other! Close behehind was Mark Coombs (Lola) with a 1:31.468 and Tony Sleath (Carbir) turned a 1:31.562. Friday’s qualifying session was the fastest session of the weekend for most of our competitors. Vince LaManna (Tiga) was quickest VS2 runner at 1:33.975, and Glenn Grainger (Tiga) led HS2 at 1:42.675. A total of 26 cars took to the track for Friday qualifying!

On Saturday morning, the rain continued and only a couple of brave (crazy?) souls took to a very wet track. However, the skies cleared, the breeze blew, and we were ready for Race #1 on Saturday afternoon. Ben had a moment in the keyhole just after the green flag flew, and brought his car and Tony Sleath’s car back to the paddock, leaving Joey and Chris to battle it out – Chris got to the checker at .442 seconds ahead of Joey, with Rob Sherwood (Carbir), Chip Vance (Lola) and Mark Coombs rounding out the top five finishers. Vince LaManna, Jim Lenehan (Swift) and Jim Hanna (Tiga) took the first three VS2 spots, with Glenn first in HS2. Group 7a had 25 starters for Race #1!

We had our customary Saturday Happy Hour under Sasco’s tent (thanks to Robin and Dave!) with two pairs of Hoosiers drawn for along with seven or eight other great gifts. We got to meet many mid-west and far-west(!) Sports 2000 bretheren – lots of long-time SCCA’ers are bringing them out, and one’s more beautiful than the other!

The rain which had begun during Happy Hour lasted until Sunday noon, but, once again, the skies broke and the breeze came up and we had 19 cars stay for Race #2 on Sunday at 4:00! This time, Chris had a mechanical issue and Joey won decisively over Mark Coombs, with Rob Sherwood coming home in third place. Once again, Vince was first VS2 finisher, with David Hale and Jim Hanna completing the podium. Glenn Grainger brought his Tiga home as first HS2 runner.

What a pleasure to run with so many cars at such an awesome facility! The MidOhio June event always brings out a strong S2000 field, and it’s growing all the time! One of these years, we’ll have a sunny weekend, but the rain didn’t dampen a terrific MidOhio weekend. The SVRA did a stunning job of keeping the schedule tight, given the challenge of seemingly unending rain – many congratulations to the Staff!

Be sure to put this event on your schedule next year – if you haven’t run it, you need to!