The Super Event of 2015

All Sports 2000 Racers and VS2 N.A. Members!


The weather forecast for “The Super Event of 2015” at Virginia International Raceway on September 24 to 27 is sunny and warm. Vintage Sports 2000 N.A. invites all members and guests to our feature event for 2015.

It is time to start planning for our feature event for 2015. As you all know in prior years we have had our feature event at “The Fun One” at Watkins Glen. Due to the fact that they will be repaving the track this year that event will not happen. Therefore, we have moved our feature event to VIR raceway September 24 to 27. This is going to surpass anything that the club has put on to date. We are planning what will come to be known as: “The Super Event of 2015” We will keep you posted as the planning progresses. As in the past we will be giving away many products and services from our sponsors. I have not added up the dollar value but it will be approximately $5000 plus given away. We had 35 Sports 2000 entries at ” The Fun One” last year, I believe that we can hit 40 to 50 entries for “The Super Event of 2015” We will have our own feature race and a catered dinner for all of the Sports 2000 drivers and crew. In order to plan for this we are compiling a list of all members that plan to attend. Please respond to this email with a yes response. If you have any friends that have a Sports 2000 and are not members please invite them to attend. Last year we had some of our members come from California and Texas. We hope to draw them and some of their west coast buddies to VIR this year. Being that VIR is easier to get to than Watkins Glen we are expecting that many of our southern members will attend.

“The Super Event of 2015”

Where?  Virginia International Raceway
When? September 24 to 27
Why? Because you do not want to miss this one.

This will be one of the largest gathering of Sports 2000’s

If you plan to be there, please send a yes response to Denny Gernert. If you know of anyone else that would like to enter this Super Event please supply a name and contact information in your response.

Thanks: VS2 N.A. Board of Directors
Tell every Sports 2000 racer to join us for ” The Super Event of 2015″
If you have any questions or need additional information please call
one of the following board members.
Denny Gernert 610-613-6700
Jim Hanna 610-308-5977
David Calafato 732-449-3800