Road Atlanta – 2012

S2 Feature Start

The Road Atlanta weekend was a successful one by most measures.  We had eleven S2’s present who had, thanks to Don Becker’s discussions with HSR, the opportunity for great track time because we could run in both Group 7(B) and in Group 4 in addition to having a dedicated S2 race.  Weather was never an issue either.  Many thanks also to Jim Kelley who brought four cars from the Chicago area.

The dedicated S2 race (the point’s race), held at the end of the day on Friday, was an exciting one.  The race settled into a series of dog fights with the one at the front between John Kramer and Jonathan Holtzman.  John led from the drop of the flag until the penultimate lap when Jonathan passed for the lead.  They were separated by 0.6 seconds at the checker.  Not far back was of the pair of Mark Coombs and Asa Candler who swapped positions a couple of times and were nose to tail until Mark slowed on the last lap allowing Tom Kane to pass at the end of the long straight.  Next was Paul LaHaye in a well prepared Lola 89/90.   The next group of four cars led by John Boxhorn in his TIGA SC84, a first time visitor to Road Atlanta and running in fine form, finished within about 3 seconds of each other with six position changes between them.  The rest of this pack consisted of Wade Leathers, Robert Hibdon

Rd Atlanta S2 participants

and Max Maxidon.  Then came Hawley Chester in his beautiful Royale RP-42.  This may be Hawley’s last outing with the Royale as was running his newly purchased a Swift on test day and loving it.

Thanks to Jim Kelley for coordinating the podium ceremony for the class winners.  The club party followed at Don Becker’s pit.  Thanks to Don, Joanne Kane and all who contributed fix-in’s.   As usual, a good time was had by all.

Saturday’s Group 4 race was first on the program with nine S2’s with Holtzman parked and Coomb’s repairing a broken stub shaft.  John Kramer led the S2’s followed closely by Asa Candler.  Next was Tom Kane followed by Boxhorn, Hibdon, Leathers, Maxedon, Chester (actually his co-driver).  LaHaye DNFed for mechanical reasons.

S2 Feature Podium

Saturday’s Group 7 race started with an incident on the start line caused by the Jaguar of Howard Turner who inexplicably spun his tires (and car) on front straight in front of most of the S2 field.  This managed to take out Kane and LaHaye.  Fortunately, no one was injured or hit the unforgiving concrete.   Once the race resumed, the lead trio of Kramer, Coomb’s and Candler had a spirited race and finished within 1.2 seconds of each other.

Gr 7 Race Start Incident

The Kramer, Coomb’s and Candler battle continued on Sunday with six total S2’s in the Group 4 race with the same order finish.  No S2’s stayed until the Group 7 race.



Photo Credits:

1 & 2 – Joanne Kane – S2 Feature Race Start & S2 Group

3 – Dave Blum – Aerial of S2 Feature Podium

4 – Dorothy Boxhorn – Saturday Group 4 Race Start