Jefferson 500 – 2012

Our first race weekend of the year, the Jefferson 500 at Summit Point, was an unqualified success, to say the least!  The weather was consistently fabulous, the cameraderie was strong, and the field was sharp.  Our club was also joined by six VS2 entrants, which gave us a nice, full Sports 2000 group to mix with.

Jim Hanna - TIGA SC87

Perhaps the most impressive statistic of the weekend: every SRCC driver completed the weekend!  As well, every SRCC driver, save one, set his best lap time of the event during Sunday’s S2000 Feature Race; we saved the best for when it counted!
Leading the way practically all weekend was new member Ben Sinnott from Fairfield, Connecticut in his Lola 90/91SR71 – a formidable tool in the hands of a quickly-developing driver.  Ben took top honors in the Sunday S2 feature race with a weekend-best lap of 1:15.308.  Larry Rossi hauled his Lola 598 SR71 from northern Vermont and applied the pressure to Ben all weekend; he took the runner-up spot on Sunday with a weekend-best lap of 1:15.690.  Cap Chenoweth, also hailing from beautiful northern Vermont, brought his distinctive zebra-nosed Tiga home in third SRCC position on Sunday after a series of niggling problems, also scoring his weekend’s best lap time of 1:20.375.

Cap Chenoweth - Linkspeed TIGA

Nate Scigliano brought his new Swift from Pittsburgh, and, after a few minor misses early in the weekend, was smartly on-pace, finishing fourth in Sunday’s feature, but setting his weekend-best lap of 1:19.973 in Friday’s Group 6 race.  Also a member of the Pittsburgh gang, Richard Barnes brought his yellow Swift home in fifth place on Sunday with a 1:20.915 best lap.  SRCC sixth place in Sunday’s feature was claimed by your humble correspondent in the newly-blue Tiga after a steady but unspectacular weekend at a best lap of 1:24.171.  Richard Kresch brought his beautiful Lola home in seventh SRCC after dealing with intermittent issues all weekend long; he turned a 1:23.757 to finish the event on an up note.  After a run of bad luck that would try a lesser man’s will, Jim Southwood ripped a 1:21.898 in his stunning Lola in Sunday’s feature for eight position to ‘bring him back next time’ – kind of like scoring a birdie on #18 after a tough round of golf!  Our SRCC godfather and mentor, Mike Crumay, brought

Jim Southwood - Lola T598

his familiar silver #86 Swift home for the ninth and final spot to complete the field.  Again – ALL of our SRCC drivers finished the Jefferson 500 running!  That should truly be a point of pride for everyone involved – take a bow.

Saturday night’s social was organized by my lovely wife with some delicious hors d’ouerves and refreshments; a great time was had by all.  Each eligible SRCC driver was entered for a set of Avon tires to be drawn at MidOhio.  Some of the gang proceeded to the Jefferson dinner while others made their way to Charles Town or Winchester to eat.

Many thanks are due to Mike Crumay and Larry Rossi for spoiling us with dedicated tech, the VRG, who once again organized a great event, Smmit Point, whose facilities and track have never been better, and Caryl Hanna, who trekked down on Saturday morning with the party in her car.

Larry Rossi - Lola T598 SR71

Make plans NOW to attend the next SRCC event at Watkins Glen on June 8-10!…tachmentweb/KCAO-8RBNWU/$file/Entry+Form+-+Watkins+Glen+Historic+200.pdf?OpenElement   The SVRA has offered to waive both the late-entry penalty AND the non-member premium for their weekend at one of North America’s best racetracks, so let’s have EVERYONE at The Glen next month!!

Ben Sinnott - Lola T90/91