Message From The Board

Greetings from the Board of Directors of SRCC. The board members are Jim Hanna, Tom Kane, John Kramer, Greg Robison and Jim Southwood. You haven’t heard much from us this summer because we have had problems with our web site, which is how we have communicated in the past, but more about that later. Please know that we have been working hard to represent S2 racers in vintage racing and here are some of the things we have accomplished:


We organized dedicated S2 races at Road America in May, Mid-Ohio in June, and VIR in November by working with the relevant sanctioning group. Our ability to do this depends on your participation so please let us know the tracks that are important to you and we will try and build attendance at particular events to get extra races.

Web Site

The old SRCC web site was obsolete so we built a new one. The new site has a better look and feel, is more easily updated and is important to our ability to communicate with you. This required a significant investment that was partially funded by the board. Please take a look at the new site and let us know what you think. It is at the moment still a work in progress. It can be found at the old address, which is Our sincere thanks to Tom Ash for his work setting up and maintaining our old site and to Peter Krause, who took over from Tom and carried the site forward.  


As of this writing we have over 50 members, which is a record as far as we can recall. Thank you. Please let us know of other S2 owners or prospective owners who might want to join SRCC.

Discussions with VS2

The SRCC and VS2 boards are working to coordinate a calendar for next year, among other things. Our immediate goal is to leverage our combined resources to get extra benefits for S2 racers, including dedicated S2 races at select races. Most VS2 members live in the Northeast while SRCC’s members are more dispersed around the Country so the common events will most likely be at tracks like Watkins Glen, New Jersey Motorsport Park, Lime Rock, etc. The other big difference between the clubs is that VS2’s most modern class allows newer cars like Carbirs and also allows cars with the new SCCA spec cam, aluminum heads, etc. We intend to propose some options to SRCC members at VIR and via e mail in November on this point. Please remember that the sanctioning groups – SVRA, HSR, VSCDA, VRG, and, increasingly, the tracks themselves like Road America and VIR – decide the cars they will accept at particular race weekends. The VS2 and SRCC class rules impact the clubs’ championships and, sometimes, eligibility to participate in a dedicate S2 race.

Next Year’s Schedule

We are planning next year’s schedule. We will continue to focus on a mix of the popular tracks with our members. The schedule will most likely include Road America, Mid-Ohio, Road Atlanta, VIR and Watkins Glen, among other tracks. The vintage racing sanctioning groups are in flux so, to some extent, we have to wait and see which group will control desirable dates at the tracks we all like. Much more to come on this topic.


Finally, thank you for being a member of SRCC and please renew your membership next year. If you aren’t a member, please consider joining. It helps us communicate with you if you are in our database. Please contact any SRCC board member if you have comments, suggestions or ideas you would like to share with us.

Who, What & Where ??


“Who, What & When” will be a feature on

the new SRCC website. Periodically we will

post a picture to see if we can stump

everyone. Since this is the first one, I’m

going to give a little hint; there’s an award in

vintage racing named for the driver in the

middle car.

Can you name the drivers and cars ?

How about the year or maybe even the venue ?

Your can post your educated guesses in the

comment box below.