Grattan Raceway is located neart Grand Rapids, MI and is probably not well known to most Sports 2000 racers. That is a shame because it is ideally suited to our cars. Every corner has elevation and camber change and it has a great mix of slow and fast corners. The track has been completely repaved and is very smooth. The corners have sealer which takes some getting used to but provides useful visual references. My guess is most people think of Road America when they think about racing in the upper midwest, but in many ways Grattan is more challenging and more exciting for S2s. 

Five S2s attended the recent VSCDA race weekend at Grattan. Jon Boxhorn, Josh Boller and Kevin Smith drove HS2 class Tigas, John Kramer drove an S2 class Swift and Mark Coombs drove an SS2 class Lola. The weekend was Kevin’s first outing in his very well prepared car that he bought several years ago and saw for the first time for Friday practice. Kevin was quickly on the pace and turned some very good times. Our S2s were classed with the sports cars and Mark asked if we could run with the Formula Fords instead. VSCDA agreed, but Josh and Kevin were also racing Fords so they stayed in the orginal run group while Mark, Jon and John ran with the Fords. 

I missed Friday for family reasons and used Saturday to remember the way around Grattan and get used to the new track surface. We were supposed to have races Saturday afternoon but unfortunately a huge storm blew through and left parts of the track flooded ending the day early for everyone. 

Sunday made up for Saturday with perfect conditions. The racing started with an hour long enduro that used a handicapping system for the pit stops. Our S2s were quickest so we had to pit for 8 minutes. Considering some of our comical pitstops at past races we appreciated the extra time. We figured we would cover about 37 laps and planned accordingly. The race included 3 S2s and about 15 sports cars. At the finish the S2s swept the podium with John Kramer in front of Mark Coombs by 8.5 seconds followed by Josh Boller. Kramer nearly blew it all with a half spin but drove hard and got some breaks in traffic to take the win. Sunday ended with Kevin Smith beating Josh Boller in their race with the sports cars and Mark Coombs driving a faultless race to beat John Kramer by 1.5 seconds followed by Jon Boxhorn third in class racing with the Formula Fords. 

Grattan is a great track and the VSCDA event is always in August when there aren’t many other race dates to choose from. Join us next year and have a blast.